Dynamic behaviour of HPFR cementitious composites

Cadoni, Ezio and Caverzan, Alessio and di Prisco, Marco (2008) Dynamic behaviour of HPFR cementitious composites. In: Ultra High Performance Concrete. Structural Materials and Engineering Series, 10 . Kassel University Press, pp. 743-750. ISBN 978-3-89958-376-2

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The use of fibres in High Performance Cementitious Composites is often justified by means of the improvement of impact and blast resistance due to their ability in energy absorption. In order to understand and appreciate the effective increase in uniaxial tension behaviour at increasing strain rates, an experimental investigation is in progress by using a Modified Hopkinson Bar for dynamic loadings available at the University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland of Lugano and a conventional closed loop electromechanical press for statical tests available at the Politecnico di Milano - Polo Regionale di Lecco. The geometry of the specimens is kept exactly the same and due to limitations imposed by dynamic loadings, small size specimens are only considered; nevertheless in statics also conventional bending on notched specimens are carried out to highlight the role of reduced sizes. The material investigated is steel fibre reinforced mortar used for the production of precast roofing elements. The main aim is the comprehension of the high strain rate role on the constitutive relationship in uniaxial tension and the estimation of the improvement in terms of strength and toughness achievable by means of steel fibre addition.

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