Quantum indistinguishability through exchangeability

Benavoli, Alessio and Facchini, Alessandro and Zaffalon, Marco (2022) Quantum indistinguishability through exchangeability. International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, 151. pp. 389-412.

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Two particles are identical if all their intrinsic properties, such as spin and charge, are the same, meaning that no quantum experiment can distinguish them. In addition to the well known principles of quantum mechanics, understanding systems of identical particles requires a new postulate, the so called symmetrisation postulate. In this work, we show that the postulate corresponds to exchangeability assessments for sets of observables (gambles) in a quantum experiment, when quantum mechanics is seen as a normative and algorithmic theory guiding an agent to assess her subjective beliefs represented as (coherent) sets of gambles. Finally, we show how sets of exchangeable observables (gambles) may be updated after a measurement and discuss the issue of defining entanglement for indistinguishable particle systems.

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