Entrepreneur student within an academic Startup Garage

Citraro, Mauro and Carcano, Cristina and Sommaruga, Lorenzo and Righetti, Alan and Moretti, Luca (2020) Entrepreneur student within an academic Startup Garage. In: SEFI 48th Annual Conference SEFI Annual Conference Proceedings, Twente NL.

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Startup Garage is an education and training space, aimed at interaction between students, lecturers and companies, by jointly creating a formative laboratory, tailor-made to nurture cross-fertilization focusing on entrepreneurial ideas. The main objective is to formulate new products and resolve any problems which may emerge with innovation and professionalism. Lecturers and external experts have a defined role, and as such they give scientific, technical and professional support. An IT platform (Pingel@p) assists with the collection and assessment of the students' ideas and in particular matches the student with stand-by mentors. Thanks to Pingel@p, the collection and evaluation system of ideas may be opened to high school pupils and their teachers. Furthermore, an extracurricular training attributes 3 ECTS to a course called “The enterprise of an idea”, in which idea owners learn actively together with mentors and company employees in a cooperative way, thus transmitting reciprocal abilities: creativity, innovation, passion, organization and managerial skills. Consequently, students acquire managerial tools and employees the entrepreneurial attitude. Final goal is to create a large and secure network of stakeholders in which students are principal actors. Entrepreneurial students are advised by active mentors; students in the Garage "call for expertise" of other skilled students to help them enhance their ideas; companies ask students to solve problems through a "call for needs resolution"; all in order to implement ideas in a safe environment where IP is going to be protected by Blockchain technology.

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