Strain Rate Behaviour of three Rocks in Tension

Cadoni, Ezio and Antonietti, Samuel and Dotta, Matteo and Forni, Daniele (2011) Strain Rate Behaviour of three Rocks in Tension. Engineering Transactions, 59 (3). pp. 197-210.

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The paper presents the dynamic characterization in tension of three rocks under medium and high strain rates. The tests have been carried out by means of the JRC-Split Hopkinson Tension Bar and an Hydro-Pneumatic Machine installed in the DynaMat Laboratory of the University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland. The dynamic direct tension tests have been performed at 3 different strain rates (0.1, 10, 100 strain/second) on an orthogneiss, for loading directions 0°, 45° and 90° respect to the schistosity, and two different types of marble. Results of the tests show a significantly strain-rate sensitive behavior, exhibiting dynamic tensile strength increasing with strain-rate. In order to describe the strain rate behavior of these rocks the dynamic increase factors in function of the strain rates for tensile strength have been used.

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