Anatomie de l’échec de l’État développeur en Afrique du Sud

Pons-Vignon, Nicolas (2022) Anatomie de l’échec de l’État développeur en Afrique du Sud. Actuel Marx, n° 72 (2). pp. 78-97. ISSN 0994-4524

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Despite the pervasive reference to the developmental state in South Africa’s economic policies, no one seriously considers the country as such. Worse, the corruption in the upper levels of the state seems to suggest the emergence of a predatory state. This article analyzes post-apartheid South Africa through the lens of the developmental state paradigm. The constraints that defeat South African industrial policies are analyzed using the case of a strategic procurement program linked to large infrastructure investments. Neoliberal imperatives, economic restructuring, and weak government commitment to industrialization hinder the emergence of a developmental state in South Africa. In fact, there appears to have been no serious attempt to implement such a state, despite government rhetoric.

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