What is centenarian research about? A scoping review of publications since 2000. Opening up Psychology

Lampraki, Charikleia and Uittenhove, Kim and Delhaes, Flavien and Zaccaria, Daniele and Gomes da Rocha, Carla and Ziade, Garnelle and Becker, Melanie and Cavalli, Stefano and von Gunten, Armin and Herrmann, Francois and Krause, Karl Heinz and Jopp, Daniela (2022) What is centenarian research about? A scoping review of publications since 2000. Opening up Psychology. In: 17th Conference of the Swiss Psychological Society, 05.09.2022, Zurigo. (Unpublished)

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Centenarians have increasingly attracted the attention of the research community in the past 20 years. With increasing numbers of the very old, the need to understand the mechanisms that contribute to reaching the age 100 is greater than ever. This scoping review aims at gathering available research from all disciplines that have investigated centenarians since 2000 to identify which topics have received most attention and which have been neglected, applying content coding. Scientific articles meeting the following eligibility criteria were included: (1) publication between 2000 and 2022; (2) in English, French or German language; (3) study population of at least 95 years of age on average, or if the sample included a larger age range, to report findings that specifically offer insights of the 95 and older group. Following the standard procedures for scoping reviews, we identified a total of N = 3955 articles. After removal of duplicates and exclusion due to unmet criteria, we were able to code N = 1117 articles. Data confirmed that research articles offering findings on centenarians have increased substantially over the past two decades. Content coding led to 37 main topics. Most frequently, studies addressed physical, biological, and cognitive topics. Topics were mostly investigated as distinct domains. Few multidisciplinary articles examined content domains in conjunction. The least investigated topics included pain, stress, anxiety, and psychiatric disorders. In sum, findings inform the research community about the existing centenarian research, suggest that multidisciplinary publications are infrequent, and offer guidance for future studies.

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