Daniele, Fabio and Confalonieri, Matteo and Ferrario, Andrea and Agbomemewa, Lorenzo and Foletti, Michele and Bonomi, Niko and Rossi, Ludovica and Graf, Andreas and Pedrazzoli, Paolo (2019) THE INNOVATIVE EDUCATIONAL APPROACH IN THE SUPSI MINI-FACTORY. In: UNSPECIFIED.

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The manufacturing industry constantly faces complex challenges: fierce competition, shorter product lifecycles, increased variability, fluctuating demand and, lately, pandemic related issues are just a short list. In this continuously evolving scenario, industries are trying to enhance their resiliency, efficiency and longterm planning capabilities through the exploitation of the latest advances in information and communication technology. The resulting demand for a digital transformation impacts each phase of a company's life cycle, from product and process design to the optimization and day-to-day management. In this novel manufacturing environment, the human’s activities are still essential and significant but are unavoidably changing their nature, increasing complexity and heterogeneity. In order to deal with the educational needs of handling these new issues, in the last decade numerous learning factories have been developed. Learning factories, as a teaching and learning ecosystem, have shown to be effective for developing theoretical and practical knowledge in a real production environment and are, hence, a suitable testing bed for both validating new technologies and concurrently delivering peculiar training through innovative, hands-on methodologies.

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