Narrative research on adults informal learning

Gola, Giancarlo (2010) Narrative research on adults informal learning. In: Tarozzi, M. and Mortari, L., (eds.) Phenomenology and Human Science Today. Thoughts and Researches. Zetabook, Bucharest, pp. 74-107. ISBN 9789731997445

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The objective of the research is to examine social workers’ pro- fessional practice, and in particular, to explore their informed learning at work. Organizing the meaning of actions and reflec- tion on the experience through the narration is an area of social research that has attracted researchers as different as Dewey (1938), Schön (1983), and Mezirow (1990). The rationale of the present investigation is that narrative inquiry can further the knowledge of the action and the subjective reconstruction of experience (see Riessman 1993; Clandinin & Connelly 2000). The narrative interview was our preferred method for data col- lection. This study offers some useful suggestions about the me- thodological contributions to narrative data collection and analysis offered by the creation of a network of all the elements analyzed in each interview, using ATLAS.ti, in order to define the characteristics of social workers’ informal learning and the contents of informal learning in the workplace.

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