Developing of backwards reasoning in secondary

Barbero, Marta and Rubio, A. and Gómez-Chacón, I. M. (2017) Developing of backwards reasoning in secondary. In: Psychology of thinking and comprehension. Proceeding of International meeting in honour for Juan A. García Madruga International meeting in honour for Juan A. García Madruga, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), Madrid, Spain.

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Different investigations have shown the difficulties of secondary school students in problem solving activities. Among them, some studies are focussed on heuristics related to backward thinking related to the difficulties that are generated at the educational level. The aim in this research is to deepen the backwards reasoning by exploring the heuristics procedures that students use when solving open mathematical problems. Two studies carried out in mathematics lessons are presented: 1) group of 22 students enrolled in the optional course Ampliación de matemáticas in Secondary school 4th year, 2) group of 47 students enrolled in Secondary school 1th year. The research is framed on a qualitative study based on a teaching experiment using problems and strategy games. From the analysis of the protocols, questionnaires and semi-structured interviews, a global analysis and group case study was carried out. Inductive data analysis have been carried out through the methodological frame of interpretation “A finer logic of inquiry model”, a reworking by Arzarello of the “Logic of Inquiry” by Hintikka. We describe different types of results relating to: the frequency and effectiveness in the use of different solution strategies, particularly the backward reasoning, in various problems and games; and the creation of some student’s reasoning profiles and educational proposals.

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