Cannata, Massimiliano and Strigaro, Daniele and Spataro, Alessio and Marotta, F. and Achille, C. (2022) TOURISM, NATURAL PROTECTED AREAS AND OPEN SOURCE GEOSPATIAL TECHNOLOGIES. The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, XLVIII. pp. 81-88.

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The Covid-19 outbreak has greatly impacted society behaviours fostering proximity tourism and valorising the social role of peri-urban natural protected areas as key locations for outdoor activities. FOSS and FOSS4G can play a critical role to support the value creation for these sites. This work evaluates its application in the context of two different protected areas for the creation of 3D digital products, the monitoring of touristic fluxes and the conduction of parks management activities. To this aim three solutions that copes with the mentioned aspects are presented and gaps, weakness and limitations evaluated. The investigated solutions consists in: the data workflow from survey to 3D rendering using Blender and GIS plugin; the touristic fluxes monitoring system based on a machine learning algorithm for image recognition from captured video data streams and istSOS; and finally the park assets management system which is based on PostGIS and OpenLayers.

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