CO2 of Inequalities: Enhancing Diversity, Avoiding Inequalities

Bussi, Davide and Crivelli, Luca and Giardinetti, Carlo and Hili, Joseph and Lucchini, Mario (2021) CO2 of Inequalities: Enhancing Diversity, Avoiding Inequalities. Rivista Internazionale di Scienze Sociali. pp. 431-449.

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The name of our village within The Economy of Francesco, “CO2 of Inequalities”, showcases a tension: as much as it is meaningless to conceptualize nature (or the creation thereof) without carbon dioxide, thus it is unrealistic to conceptualize humanity without diversity, the great wealth of humanity. In this paper, we showcase some of the activities and reflections made within our village. First, we offer a theoretical reflection on the issue of inequalities by looking at Pope Francis’ magisterium and Nobel prize-winner Amartya Sen’s capabilities approach. Second, we reflect on the issue of meritocracy and its relationship with inequalities. Third, we present the state of the art on inequalities across the globe by resorting to an innovative statistical tool, a self-organizing map. Fourth, we reflect on diversity (equity) and inequality in the business world

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