Fashion Touch. Surface Haptics in Fashion E-commerce

Ornati, Michela (2022) Fashion Touch. Surface Haptics in Fashion E-commerce. In: Seifi, H., Kappers, A. M. L., Schneider, O., Drewing, K., Pacchierotti, C., Abbasimoshaei, A., Huisman, G., & Kern, T. A. (Eds.). (2022). Haptics: Science, Technology, Applications: 13th International Conference on Human Haptic Sensing and Touch Enabled C Eurohaptics2022, 22-25 May, 2022, Hamburg, Germany.

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The sense of touch is an essential part of the fashion experience. In the digital domain, however, consumers cannot perceive tactile garment qualities as they would in a retail store. The acceleration of online commerce during COVID-19 has spotlighted this issue. Thus, surface haptic technologies which enrich visual and textual digital content with touch feedback might be of interest to the fashion sector. The author's research explores this possibility by engaging consumers and industry executives by using two surface haptic devices, TanvasTouch and WeArt. Findings to date indicate that haptic technologies could enhance the fashion digital experience, provided they integrate easily with consumer devices and with firms' legacy systems.

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