Endophytic Cephalotrichum spp. from Solanum tuberosum (potato) in Iran – a polyphasic analysis

Alijani Mamaghani, Nasim and Saremi, Hossein and Javan-Nikkhah, Mohammad and De Respinis, Sophie and Pianta, Elisa and Tonolla, Mauro (2022) Endophytic Cephalotrichum spp. from Solanum tuberosum (potato) in Iran – a polyphasic analysis. Sydowia, 47. pp. 287-301.

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Thirty-three endophytic fungi isolated from Solanum tuberosum (potato) were identified as belonging to the genus Cephalotrichum. They were first grouped based on their morphological characters, and molecular identification by multi locus sequencing using ITS, tub2, tef1 and LSU allowed assigning them Cephalotrichum asperulum, C. gorgonifer, and C. tenuissimum. Twenty isolates were also analysed by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time of flight (MALDI-TOF) mass spectrometry (MS) and the spectra obtained were used to construct Superspectra for MALDI-TOF MS identification of these species. The remaining thirteen Cephalotrichum isolates were then used to validate the SuperSpectra. The concordance of the MALDI-TOF MS results with the phylogenetic analysis was 100 %. C. asperulum, C. gorgonifer, and C. tenuissimum have never been reported as endophytic fungi from any plant species. Regionally, they are also new to Iran, where they apparently have a broad distribution. This study has confirmed the usefulness of MALDI-TOF MS as a quick and comparatively cost-effective tool for the identification of fungi.

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