Forecasting the Development of RFID Technology

Gladysz, Bartlomiej and Corti, Donatella and Montini, Elias (2021) Forecasting the Development of RFID Technology. Management and Production Engineering Review, 12.

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Industry 4.0 (I4) as a concept offers powerful opportunities for many businesses. The set of Industry 4.0 technologies is still discussed, and boundaries are not perfectly clear. However, implementation of Industry 4.0 concept becomes strategic principle, and necessary condition for succeeding on turbulent markets. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) was used before I4 emerged. However, it should be treated as its important part and even enabler. The question arises how adoption of RFID was impacted by I4 paradigm. Therefore, to answer this question a set of technology management tools was selected and applied to forecast RFID potential development in forthcoming years. Moreover, case studies were conducted for technology management tools and their applications for RFID for qualitative discussion of its relevance. It aimed to prove that existing toolset should be applied for modern technologies related to I4. Tools were proven to be necessary and successful. However, some specific challenges were observed and discussed.

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