IEA SHC Task 59 | EBC Annex 76 | Report D.C2 Renovation strategies for historic buildings.

Buda, A. and Herrera-Avellanosa, D. and Pfluger, R. and Durmus Arsan, Z. and Egusquiza, A. and Giancola, E. and Gori, V. and Haas, Franziska and Leonardi, E. and Marincioni, V. and Jan de Place Hansen, E. and Polo Lopez, Cristina Silvia and Trachte, S. and Vernimme, N. (2021) IEA SHC Task 59 | EBC Annex 76 | Report D.C2 Renovation strategies for historic buildings. Technical Report International Energy Agency IEA , Westminster, London, England.

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The IEA-SHC Task 59 aims at supporting decision-makers in the retrofit planning in historic buildings towards the definition of conservation compatible retrofit solutions in a “whole building perspective”. Since the first EPBD, legislative systems have resulted in a gap between practice and theory in balancing preservation, use and energy efficiency in historic buildings. On one hand, exemptions in the energy directives for historic buildings push towards “doing nothing”. On the other hand, there is growing interest in finding integrated solutions to improve the sustainability of our built heritage. How to find a good balance between different aspects is still considered a challenge. For this reason, one of the goals of Subtask C was to identify replicable procedures on how experts can work together with integrated design approach to maintain both the heritage value of the building and at the same time make it energy efficient. This report includes an introduction to the decision-making process and a discussion of the common shortfalls and conflicts found in the case of historic buildings, and a review of tools supporting the whole building retrofit planning approach. Experiences of the different partners involved in the project were collected to illustrate the advantages and disadvantages of the individual approaches. In the Appendix, a journal paper looking at relation of the different tools with the EN 16883:2017 [3] guideline procedure to assess retrofit strategies in historic buildings is included. This paper, under submission at the time of writing this report, aimed at demonstrating how a more structured decision-making process is needed to bridge the gap between rigorous, universal standards and ad hoc decisionmaking processes.

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