The 1513 Monte Crenone rock avalanche: deposit topography data

De Pedrini, Alessandro and Ambrosi, Christian and Scapozza, Cristian (2021) The 1513 Monte Crenone rock avalanche: deposit topography data. Documentation UNSPECIFIED

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As a contribution to the knowledge of historical rockslides, this research focuses on the historical reconstruction, field mapping, and simulation of the expansion, through numerical modelling, of the 30 September 1513 Monte Crenone rock avalanche. Earth observation in 2-D and 3-D, as well as direct in situ field mapping, allowed the detachment zone and the perimeter and volume of the accumulation to be determined. Thanks to the reconstruction of the post-event digital elevation model based on historical topographic maps and the numerical modelling with the RAMMS::DEBRIS FLOW software, the dynamics and runout of the rock avalanche were calibrated and reconstructed. The reconstruction of the runout model allowed confirmation of the historical data concerning this event, particularly the damming of the valley floor and the lake formation up to an elevation of 390ma.s.l., which generated an enormous flood by dam reaching on 20 May 1515, known as the “Buzza di Biasca”.

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