Mechanical characterization of 3D printed concrete subjected to dynamic loading

Napolitano, Rosanna and Menna, Costantino and Forni, Daniele and Asprone, Domenico and Cadoni, Ezio (2021) Mechanical characterization of 3D printed concrete subjected to dynamic loading. EPJ Web Conf., 250. 01009.

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In concrete structures realized by digital fabrication techniques, such as 3D concrete printing, under severe dynamic loadings (e.g. earthquakes and impact loads), the strength at the bond interfaces between layers is weak. Since these contact zones, also referred as cold joint, could potentially compromise the structural stability and also the durability of printed elements, their behaviour under high dynamic loads is fundamental to investigate. An experimental program on 3D printed concrete elements varying the waiting time, through medium and high strain-rate tensile tests is running, with a Hydro-Pneumatic Machine and a modified Hopkinson tensile bar respectively. The results of dynamic tensile tests at three different strain rates (10-5, 50 and 200 s-1) on 3D printed cementitious elements for waiting times of 0min, 10min and 30 min have been presented, in terms of Dynamic increase factors DIF versus strain rate, showing a behaviour highly strain-rate sensitive, recording an increase in tensile strength DIF up to 7.6 in the case of high strain-rate and waiting time of 30 min. The results exhibited a decrease in the dynamic interface tensile strength with the waiting time up to over 90% for a medium strain-rate and over 20% for a high strain-rate.

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