Multi-Sided Digital Manufacturing Platform Supporting Exchange of Unused Company Potential

Bettoni, Andrea and Barni, Andrea Francesco and Sorlini, Marzio and Menato, Silvia and Giorgetti, Paolo and Landolfi, Giuseppe (2018) Multi-Sided Digital Manufacturing Platform Supporting Exchange of Unused Company Potential. In: 2018 IEEE International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation (ICE/ITMC) UNSPECIFIED.

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The come to power of the sharing economy paradigm has incentivized the adoption of service-based business models largely relying on digital platforms providing the infrastructure and the ecosystems to sustain market uptake. The manufacturing domain isn’t exempted from this trend, witnessing the growing launch of digital platforms with the aim of shifting value proposition towards a model relying on product servitization and share, instead of ownership. Most of the current examples in this domain are very narrowed-scope systems that just connect business providers or, when giving detailed services, these are dedicated to very specific manufacturing sectors (few machining operations available, few materials, etc.). This conceptual paper presents an application and extension of the Digital Platform Model to manufacturing services across Europe. A digital platform, called MANU-SQUARE and aiming at becoming the reference one-stop shop for European manufacturing is envisioned. Provision of customized services that adapt to different users’ needs in cross-sectorial domains and coverage of the whole spectrum of value chain activities are its key features. On top of basic services, MANU-SQUARE creates the ground for a self-reinforcing knowledge, innovation and services ecosystem that, by creating more touch points for involved third parties, is able to remix and re-bundle the components making up the offering over time.

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