Parenting during the first Covid-19 lockdown: a scoping review

Melotto, M and Camerini, A.L. and Caiata Zufferey, Maria and Puhan, M and Albanese, Emiliano and Fadda, Marta (2021) Parenting during the first Covid-19 lockdown: a scoping review. In: 10° giornata della ricerca in medicina umana della Svizzera italiana, 25.6.2021, Lugano, Switzerland.

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Background and aim During the Spring 2020 lockdown, children and adolescents’ caregivers were deprived of their customary work and social activities. Many had to homeschool their children while smart-working, and face difficulties and sufferance related to sick or dead loved ones or job loss. Evidence is growing on the impact of the Covid-19 lockdown on this population. The aim of this review was to map the existing evidence of the impact of the first covid-19 lockdown on caregivers’ clinical and psychosocial health, considering differential susceptibility factors. Methods We conducted a scoping review of articles published between January 2020 and January 2021. A search in 10 databases (e.g., PsycInfo, PubMed, Web of Science) yielded 1674 articles. After removing duplicates (n = 594) and conducting a title and abstract screening, 122 articles were included for full text screening. We included peer-reviewed articles, published in English, of original quantitative and qualitative studies reporting on caregivers who spent the first lockdown in the same household of the child. Results We identified 5 types of outcomes: i.e., social (e.g., social support, intimate violence), psychological (e.g., depression, anxiety, resilience), clinical (e.g., sleep patterns, weight), behavioral (nutrition, physical activity), and work-related (e.g., work performance, income loss). Differential susceptibility factors include, among others, socio-demographic characteristics, presence of chronic conditions, and access to healthcare and school services. Conclusion Our results have several implications for global public health and policy, particularly in the case of the implementation of a second, global lockdown.

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