3D vision system integration on Additive Manufacturing machine for in-line part inspection

Vandone, Ambra and Baraldo, Stefano and Anastassiou, Demetris and Marchetti, Andrea and Valente, Anna (1010) 3D vision system integration on Additive Manufacturing machine for in-line part inspection. Procedia CIRP, 95. pp. 72-77. ISSN 22128271

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Laser based technologies enable major opportunities in performing quite heterogeneous deposition and subtraction processes characterized by very similar process dynamics. Hybrid machines integrating high power and ultra-short laser sources can efficiently exploit such technologies only when they embed a sensing system able to execute in-line inspection of partially manufactured parts. The current work presents an innovative configuration of Direct Energy Deposition hybrid machine equipped with a custom 3D vision system and software that allow: 1) the part shape measurement at every user defined checkpoint; 2) the acquisition of the temperature distribution onto this part surface; 3) the analysis of the data and the defect identification. The system is based on structured light technique and measures the spatial position of thousands of points belonging to the part surface. The measurements performed by a thermal camera are then associated to this point cloud and a dedicated software performs the comparison of the acquired geometry to the CAD model to detect over- or under-deposition areas and analyses the thermal distribution to detect potential defects. Corrective strategies can be generated for the layers that still have to be manufactured in terms of additional deposition or ablation. The benefits of the approach have been evaluated on experimental tests inspired by industrial scenarios.

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