Bignami, Filippo and de Queiroz Ribeiro, Luiz Cesar and dos Santos Junior, Orlando Alves (2020) Introduction. In: Bignami, Filippo and de Queiroz Ribeiro, Luiz Cesar, (eds.) The Legacy of Mega Events. Urban and Citizenship Transformations in Rio de Janeiro. Springer, London.

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This edited volume offers a critical reflection on the failed experiment to redevelop the city of Rio de Janeiro according to the neoliberal strategy of entrepreneurial urban governance and mercantile regulatory transformations, which were leveraged by mega-sporting events. The case of Rio de Janeiro is presented as an example of a failing global strategy for urban redevelopment, entrepreneurial urban governance and the realization of mega-events. This book aims to present the real and critical state of the legacies of such mega-events. It shows how instead of the promised economic redemption, Rio is experiencing a severe economic, political and social crisis, handling three observation perspectives: the first is the description of urban transformations and mega events, assessing the contradictions in the model for the intended urban development and taking into account historical factors both at local and national level; the second restricts on neighborhoods as case studies representing an ensign of a neoliberal urban transformation’ results; the third links city and citizenship focusing tensions and inconsistencies and opening up a perspective on the importance of fostering the concept of citizenship, including actions, movements and initiatives that express the resistance and struggles around a possible new destination for Rio de Janeiro.

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