Cognitive Processes Between Jobs-to-be-done and Business Model Innovation

Bitetti, Leandro and Gibbert, Michael (2020) Cognitive Processes Between Jobs-to-be-done and Business Model Innovation. In: ISPIM Connect Global, 6-8 December 2020, Virtual.

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Dynamic capabilities of sensing, seizing, and transforming facilitate the process of designing and implementing a new business model aligned to the customers’ jobs to be done. However, little attention has been paid to the role of managerial cognitive capabilities in the interval between the jobs to be done identification and the initiation of the business model innovation process. This study investigates the cognitive capabilities of three generations of business owners of a butcher’s shop that engaged in four business model innovations in eighty years of history, while the majority of other butcher’s shops in the region remained unchanged. Through a longitudinal case study, we identified four cognitive capabilities (i.e. ‘anticipate’, ‘stimulate’, ‘dribble’, and ‘overturn’) that allowed the business owners to sense the customer’s jobs to be done and initiate business model innovation. The four cognitive capabilities may be developed through training, overcoming the cognitive challenges that characterize business model innovation.

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