High strain-rate behaviour of a Tungsten alloy

Cadoni, Ezio and Dotta, Matteo and Forni, Daniele (2020) High strain-rate behaviour of a Tungsten alloy. Procedia Structural Integrity, 28. 964 - 970.

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Tungsten alloys are often used in machinery and in other industrial sectors. This study presents the dynamic tensile behaviour of a commercial tungsten alloy. The tests were carried-out at high strain-rate (from 850 to 2200 s1) by means of a Split Hopkinson Tension Bar device on round specimens having diameter and gauge length of 2 mm and 5 mm, respectively. The dynamic stress versus strain curves were compared with the quasi-static ones in order to investigate the rate-dependency of this alloy. High strain-rate caused a growth of proof and ultimate tensile strengths as well as modulus of toughness and a decrease of the area reduction. Finally, the parameters of the Cowper-Symonds relationship were calibrated.

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