Method for the cost evaluation of BIPV facades and multilevel cost analysis of six Swiss case studies

Corti, Paolo and Busser, Andreas and Bonomo, Pierluigi and Viriden, Karl and Frontini, Francesco (2020) Method for the cost evaluation of BIPV facades and multilevel cost analysis of six Swiss case studies. In: UNSPECIFIED.

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of buildings has been largely implemented, by representing a very positive trend towards the transition to energy positive buildings. However, the multiplication of energy efficient buildings didn’t match with a similar trend in the BIPV market which continues to occupy a niche of both PV and building claddings. Despite many years of experimentation, one of the missing aspect in making solar constructions mainstream is that architects, installers and experts still lack the basis for assessing the economic viability of BIPV facades according to a reliable and harmonized approach. The hybrid and multidisciplinary sector of BIPV still often tied to the traditional PV approach, in the absence of consolidated references and studies on cost effectiveness and competitiveness according to a construction perspective, discourages many building investors from realizing a solar façade. The aim of this study is to present a method developed for the cost comparison of BIPV facades that permits to transparently identify the details of the end user costs, as built in real cases, including the cost of planning, materials, logistics, permits and labour. The method has been validated through six BIPV façades in real Swiss case studies realized in the recent years. The project-based cost analysis of the construction details, by involving the real players such as planners and industry, permitted to get accurate datasets and results.

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