Strain-rate effects on S690QL high strength steel under tensile loading

Cadoni, Ezio and Forni, Daniele (2020) Strain-rate effects on S690QL high strength steel under tensile loading. Journal of Constructional Steel Research.

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High Strength Steels are increasingly demanded in building constructions, shipbuilding and other industries. Hard impact and explosion are possible hazards for steel structures as high-rise buildings, bridges, ships, off-shores. Present lack of data sets under high strain-rates might be generate uncertainty in structural assessment under severe dynamic events. In this work a comprehensive experimental investigation of the S690QL structural steel under dynamic tensile loading is presented. Round specimens (extracted from inner and outer zone of plate 40 mm thick) 3 mm in diameter and a having gauge length of 5 mm were tested in order to obtain the stress-strain flow data under three different loading regimes, i.e. quasi-static (10−3 s−1), medium (3–30 s−1) and high strain-rates (250–950 s−1). The results indicate that both core and peripheral parts are moderately strain-rate sensitive. High strain-rate results were compared with those of S355 and S960QL steels in similar conditions. Finally, the stress-strain data of both zones were analysed to determine the material parameters of existing widely used constitutive models.

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