High Temperature Applications of Si- SiC Cellular Ceramics

Ortona, Alberto and Gaia, Daniele and Gianella, Sandro (2012) High Temperature Applications of Si- SiC Cellular Ceramics. Advanced Engineering Materials. ISSN 1527-2648

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Silicon infiltrated Silicon carbide ceramics are commonly employed because of their excellent chemical, oxidation, and thermal shock resistance. SiSiC cellular ceramics with porosity >80% and pore size from 40 to 10 PPI are exploited industrially in applications with high thermal loads, high temperatures, and harsh environments, including porous burners, catalyst supports, heat exchangers, structural ceramic sandwiches, concentrated solar radiation absorbers, and electric heaters. This work attempts to present the components in which Si-SiC foams are currently applied because of their superior thermo‐mechanical properties.

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