Development of an autothermal biogas processor for hydrogen production

Ortona, Alberto and Rezaei, Ehsan and Herrmann, Andreas and Fino, Debora (2014) Development of an autothermal biogas processor for hydrogen production. Proc. of the International Gas Union Research Conference (IGRC 2014). Copenhagen, Denmark.

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In this paper a novel concept for biogas reforming is presented. Major novelties are the utilization of an autothermal or oxidative steam reforming in combination with a subsequent catalytically coated soot trap for soot retention and oxidation as well as enhancement of the water gas shift reaction. The plant design of the BioRobur (Biogas robust processing with combined catalytic reformer and trap) processor has been realized on the basis of ASPEN PLUS® mass and energy flow modeling. The system efficiency depends on the reforming route (catalytic partial oxidation, steam reforming or autothermal reforming), the level of heat integration, the preheating temperature of the mixed reactants, the steam-to-carbon-and oxygen-to-carbon ratio as well as the usage of the off-gas from pressure swing adsorption (PSA). The highest efficiency is achieved with an autothermal reforming in the first place. Through the energetic usage of the PSA off-gas in an extra burner and a sophisticated heat integration a system efficiency up to nearly 70% is realizable. Without the two mentioned possibilities the efficiency trops down to 50%.

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