Design and additive manufacturing of periodic ceramic architectures

Ortona, Alberto and Bianchi, Giovanni and Gianella, Sandro (2017) Design and additive manufacturing of periodic ceramic architectures. Journal of Ceramic Science and Technology.

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Cellular ceramics are attracting material solutions for high temperature applications because of their outstanding effective properties. Even though ceramic foams are already widely industrially employed, they show scattered properties because of their randomness and fragility. Moreover there are few parameters which can be varied in order to engineer their properties. We first show how, through finite element simulations, periodic cellular ceramics can be designed upon user’s requirements. Then, thanks to additive manufacturing (AM), the aforementioned numerical domains can be readily transformed into physical objects. Among many AM techniques nowadays available, we developed an original method in which polymeric lattices templates are produced by 3D printing, further coated by replica with ceramic slurries and finally heat treated. The advantage of this technique is its flexibility. Practically any ceramic material already produced in bulk form can be realized. We then present some case study where we were able to design and produce components for the concentrated volumetric solar receivers, thermal protections for aerospace entry vehicles, and heat exchangers.

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