Polymer‐derived SiCN cellular structures from replica of 3D printed lattices

Ortona, Alberto and Santoliquido, Oscar and Colombo, Paolo and Sorarù, Gian Domenico (2018) Polymer‐derived SiCN cellular structures from replica of 3D printed lattices. Journal of the American Ceramic Society. ISSN 1551-2916

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In comparison with metals and polymers, ceramics and/or carbon are more difficult to process into well‐defined cellular architectures (e.g., cubic, tetrakaidecadehron, etc.) using Additive Manufacturing techniques. The present work reports a simple method for generating complex and precise SiCN ceramic lattices using a preceramic polymer and applying the replica approach to structures fabricated using stereolithography of plastic materials, with the associated ease of fabrication. Three‐dimensional printed plastic lattices impregnated with a polysilazane were converted to SiCN by pyrolysis at 1000°C in inert atmosphere. In spite of the high amount of mass loss (~58%) and volume shrinkage (~65%), the impregnated structures did not collapse during pyrolysis, leading to highly porous (total porosity ~93 vol%) components possessing suitable strength for handling and potential use as lightweight components.

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