Collection of building typologies and identification of possibilities with optimal market share

Bonomo, Pierluigi and Corti, Paolo and Frontini, Francesco (2019) Collection of building typologies and identification of possibilities with optimal market share. Project Report UNSPECIFIED

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This document reports on the definition, features, challenges and potentials linked to main archetypal BIPV scenarios, which result to have a high potential for the implementation in the European building stock. By taking into account the point of view and the support of three types of stakeholders (the architect, the product/system manufacturer and the construction company), the review and the analysis of the partners’ large international portfolio, provided a census of best practices asthe basis to define the archetypal building typologies, technological systems and building skin claddings. The BIPV “archetypes” and “clusters” analyses, have considered the component, the building skin and the building technological and typological levels, by permitting to set a multi-level and complete study in construction terms. Beyond the current literature, the integration of the architectural specifications allows to benefit of a more solid basis to provide barriers, challenges and key-topics. This guarantee to understand the BIPV market exploitability. Once defined such an archetypal scenario, specific topics affecting the success or failure of BIPV in the market have been analysed in order to recognize the main potentials (or gains) and challenges (or risks) for future technologies and market developments. Key-topics to boost BIPV implementation emerged with regard to technology and technical standards, cost effectiveness, process management and general acceptance issues. Thanks to the collected output, an outlook on the main aspects defining the market attractiveness and its evolving opportunities in the horizon 2020 to 2030 is provided, as a concrete reference framework for the general sector and for the following project stages, namely the product developments in WP3/WP4 and the demo cases in WP8 of BIPVBOOST project.

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