The Present and the Future of Occupational Therapy

Pozzi, Christian and Cavalli, Stefano and Leorin, C. and Cauli, O. and Morandi, A. (2020) The Present and the Future of Occupational Therapy. In: Pozzi, Christian and Lanzoni, A. and Graff, M. and Morandi, A., (eds.) Occupational Therapy for Older People. Springer, Cham, pp. 145-167.

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The present and the future are often interacting in the care of older people. The cultural changes in Europe require the occupational therapy to focus on a personalized approach given the ageing population in different cultures. In this matter, loneliness and boredom are two emerging conditions, which require a specific approach to improve the quality of life of the elderly in different settings. Technology and assistive technology might represent a venue to improve the occupational therapy management of older people. Finally, the continuous evaluation of occupational therapy interventions in clinical trials is key to provide the scientific evidence for the best approach to elderly people.

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