A European Database of Building Energy Profiles to Support the Design of Ground Source Heat Pumps

Laura, Carnieletto and Borja, Badenes and Marco, Belliardi and Adriana, Bernardi and Samantha, Graci and Giuseppe, Emmi and Javier F., Urchueguía and Angelo, Zarrella and Antonino, Di Bella and Giorgia, Dalla Santa and Antonio, Galgaro and Giulia, Mezzasalma and Michele, De Carli (2019) A European Database of Building Energy Profiles to Support the Design of Ground Source Heat Pumps. UNSPECIFIED. Energies. ISSN 2008-2707

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The design of ground source heat pumps is a fundamental step to ensure the high energy efficiency of heat pump systems throughout their operating years. To enhance the diffusion of ground source heat pump systems, two different tools are developed in the H2020 research project named, “Cheap GSHPs”: A design tool and a decision support system. In both cases, the energy demand of the buildings may not be calculated by the user. The main input data, to evaluate the size of the borehole heat exchangers, is the building energy demand. This paper presents a methodology to correlate energy demand, building typologies, and climatic conditions for different types of residential buildings. Rather than envelope properties, three insulation levels have been considered in different climatic conditions to set up a database of energy profiles. Analyzing European climatic test reference years, 23 locations have been considered. For each location, the overall energy and the mean hourly monthly energy profiles for heating and cooling have been calculated. Pre-calculated profiles are needed to size generation systems and, in particular, ground source heat pumps. For this reason, correlations based on the degree days for heating and cooling demand have been found in order to generalize the results for different buildings. These correlations depend on the Köppen–Geiger climate scale.

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