BIPV Round Robin Action of IEA PVPS Task 15

Gaisberger, L. and Rechberger, P. and Eder, G.C. and Berger, K.A. and Újvári, G. and Illich, P and Moor, D. and Boddaert, S. and Valckenborg, R.M.E. and Bonomo, Pierluigi and Polo Lopez, Cristina Silvia and Del Buono, M. and Martín Chivelet, N. and Mejuto, E. and Sanz Martinez, A. and Machado, M. and Kim, J.T. and Ritzen, M. (2019) BIPV Round Robin Action of IEA PVPS Task 15. Proceedings of 36th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition. pp. 1811-1816. ISSN 3-936338-60-4

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Within the IEA PVPS Task 15 a round robin action focusing on the performance of vertical BIPV elements (façade) in different climatic environments was performed. The performance of identical (both, in construction and bill of materials (BOM)) glass/glass c-Si BIPV elements was monitored at 7 outdoor test sites in 6 different countries in Europe and Asia. In this work, the comprehensive results of the electrical and corresponding meteorological monitoring data will be presented and discussed. The monitoring data were merged, processed and filtered for further analysis. Analysis of the available measured data has been performed in terms of (i) distribution (frequency) of the module temperatures and the in-plane irradiation at the outdoor test locations, comparison of ambient and module temperatures, mean daily PR per test module, time series of mean daily performance ratio coefficients and monthly yield and yield-matrix plots showing the relative yield of the investigated modules over module temperature and irradiance.

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