Modalities of Interaction with Information Graphics through the Web

Profeta, Giovanni (2013) Modalities of Interaction with Information Graphics through the Web. UNSPECIFIED. Parsons Journal for Information Mapping, 5 (4). pp. 1-7.

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In the web world, we have an increasing development of interactive information graphics. These are present in several fields, like journalism, science, economics, and statistics. Following the spread of the open data and the definition of new powerful web languages, the interactive information graphics are getting an important role in the scenario of web communication. These communication artifacts allow visualizing and interacting graphically with data sets according to different levels of complexity. Their digital nature enables them to reconfigure based on the actions of the user who interacts with them. Starting from the spatial and temporal systems orientation, this article examines, through a theoretical approach, the modalities of interaction with the interactive information graphics. There are two main categories: the direct interactions, used to graphically manipulate the view, and the procedural interactions that take place through modules and panels, which are characterized by a linear process where each step is designed to support clear and focused operations. Until a few years ago, web developers were the unique people who developed them, but today, thanks to the emergence of numerous web tools, we can create static or interactive information graphics without the knowledge of programming languages. So, web users, in addition to being user, are now becoming producer. is new aspect raises questions concerning the simplification of the interface for data entry and for management of the graphic.

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