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Ambrosi, Christian and Czerski, Dorota (2017) Armonizzazione del catalogo dei dissesti del Cantone Ticino a scala 1:25'000 - Rapporto finale. UNSPECIFIED. Project Report (Unpublished)

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Castelletti, Claudio and Spataro, Alessio and Czerski, Dorota and Ambrosi, Christian (2016) Misure inclinometriche - Rapporto annuale 2015, zone Corcapolo, Pian delle Cascine, Val Colla e Arogno. UNSPECIFIED. Technical Report (Unpublished)

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Czerski, Dorota and Spataro, Alessio and Ambrosi, Christian (2017) Misure inclinometriche - Rapporto annuale 2016, zone Corcapolo, Pian delle Cascine, Val Colla e Arogno. UNSPECIFIED. Technical Report (Unpublished)


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