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Diviani, Luca and Broggini, Filippo (2012) TSCB - Twin Shape Composed Beam. UNSPECIFIED. In: Matérialités UNSPECIFIED.


Garzoni, Matteo and Cheval, Nicolas and Fahmi, Amir and Danani, Andrea and Pavan, Giovanni Maria (2012) Ion-Selective Controlled Assembly of Dendrimer-Based Functional Nanofibers and Their Ionic-Competitive Disassembly. UNSPECIFIED. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 134 (7). pp. 3349-3357. ISSN 0002-7863


Kasimova, Aliya O and Pavan, Giovanni Maria and Danani, Andrea and Mondon, Karine and Cristiani, Andrea and Scapozza, Leonardo and Gurny, Robert and Moeller, Michael (2012) Validation of a Novel Molecular Dynamics Simulation Approach for Lipophilic Drug Incorporation into Polymer Micelles. UNSPECIFIED. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 116 (14). pp. 4338-4345. ISSN 1520-6106


Maly, Jan and Pedziwiatr-Werbicka, Elzbieta and Maly, Marek and Semeradtova, Alena and Appelhans, Dietmar and Danani, Andrea and Zaborski, M and Klajnert, Barbara and Bryszewska, Maria (2012) Highly organized self-assembled dendriplexes based on poly (propylene imine) glycodendrimer and anti-HIV oligodeoxynucleotides. UNSPECIFIED. Current Medicinal Chemistry, 19 (27). pp. 4708-4719. ISSN 1875-533X

Merkel, Olivia M and Zheng, Mengyao and Mintzer, Meredith A and Pavan, Giovanni Maria and Librizzi, Damiano and Maly, Marek and Höffken , Helmut and Danani, Andrea and Simanek, Eric E and Kissel, Thomas (2012) Molecular modeling and in vivo imaging can identify successful hyperflexible triazine dendrimer-based siRNA delivery systems. UNSPECIFIED. BIODEGRADABLE MULTIFUNCTIONAL NANOCARRIERS FOR pDNA and siRNA DELIVERY. p. 97.


Ottaviani, Maria Francesca and Pregnolato, Massimo and Cangiotti, Michela and Fiorani, Luigi and Fattori, Alberto and Danani, Andrea (2012) Spin probe analysis of microtubules structure and formation. UNSPECIFIED. Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, 522 (1). pp. 1-8. ISSN 0003-9861


Pavan, Giovanni Maria and Danani, Andrea (2012) Dendrimers and dendrons for siRNA binding: computational insights. UNSPECIFIED. Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology, 22 (1). pp. 83-89. ISSN 1773-2247

Pavan, Giovanni Maria and Monteagudo, Silvia and Guerra, Javier and Carrion, Blanca and Ocana, Vanessa and Rodriguez-Lopez, Julian and Danani, Andrea and C Perez-Martinez, Francisco and Cena, Valentin (2012) Role of generation, architecture, pH and ionic strength on successful siRNA delivery and transfection by hybrid PPV-PAMAM dendrimers. UNSPECIFIED. Current Medicinal Chemistry, 19 (29). pp. 4929-4941. ISSN 1875-533X

Pertici, Gianni (2012) Chapter 2: The effect of molecular structure on the properties of biomedical polymers. UNSPECIFIED. In: Jenkins, Mike and Stamboulis, Artemis, (eds.) Durability and Reliability of Medical Polymers. Woodhead Publishing Limited. ISBN 978-1-84569-929-1

Popescu, Laura Madalina and Piticescu, Roxana Mioara and Doni, Giovanni and Danani, Andrea (2012) Interfacial interactions of Fe 3+ with PAMAM dendrimer in different pressure conditions. Molecular dynamics. UNSPECIFIED. Revue Roumaine de Chimie, 57 (1). pp. 35-38. ISSN 0035-3930

Pusterla, Simone and Barbato, Maurizio and Ortona, Alberto and D'Angelo, Claudio (2012) Numerical study of cell morphology effects on convective heat transfer in reticulated ceramics. UNSPECIFIED. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 55 (25-26). pp. 7902-7910. ISSN 0017-9310


Zanganeh, Giw and Pedretti, Andrea and Zavattoni, Simone and Barbato, Maurizio and Steinfeld, Aldo (2012) Packed-bed thermal storage for concentrated solar power - Pilot-scale demonstration and industrial-scale design. UNSPECIFIED. Solar Energy, 86 (10). pp. 3084-3098. ISSN 0038-092X

Zavattoni, Simone and Barbato, Maurizio and Pedretti, Andrea and Zanganeh, Giw and Steinfeld, Aldo (2012) Effective thermal conductivity and axial porosity distribution of a rock-bed TES system: CFD modeling and experimental validation. UNSPECIFIED. In: SolarPACES 2012 International Conference, 11.09.2012-14.09.2012, Marrakech, Morocco.

Zheng, Mengyao and Pavan, Giovanni Maria and Neeb, Manuel and Schaper, Andreas K and Danani, Andrea and Klebe, Gerhard and Merkel, Olivia M and Kissel, Thomas (2012) Targeting the blind spot of polycationic nanocarrier-based siRNA delivery. UNSPECIFIED. ACS nano, 6 (11). pp. 9447-9454. ISSN 1936-0851

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