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Bonomo, Pierluigi and De Berardinis, Pierluigi and Di Giovanni, Gianni (2011) L'integrazione del fotovoltaico nei centri storici minori abruzzesi. Un'opportunità per una ricostruzione "sostenibile". UNSPECIFIED. In: Energy Forum on Solar Building Skin, 06-07 Dec 2011, Brixen, Italy.

Bonomo, Pierluigi and De Berardinis, Pierluigi and Di Giovanni, Gianni (2011) Technological evolution of photovoltaic envelope. Constructive integration and paradigms of innovation. UNSPECIFIED. In: ISES Solar World Congress 2011, 26 Aug-02 Sep 2011, Kassel, Germany.

Bonomo, Pierluigi and Di Giovanni, Gianni (2011) Analysis of the levels of PV integrability and definition of a performance scheme to control a BiPV project. UNSPECIFIED. In: SB11 - World Sustainable Building Conference, 18-21 Oct 2011, Helsinki-Finland.

Bonomo, Pierluigi and Di Giovanni, Gianni (2011) Architectural and technological innovation of PV building envelope. UNSPECIFIED. In: International Conference on Sustainable Design and Construction Engineering, 25-27 Jan 2011, Dubai, UAE.


Caiata-Olgiati, Giovanna and Ardia, Mariangela and Brillinger, Ute and Cairoli, Alessia and Galimberti, Dario and Haug, Viviane and Monti, Marta and Pecora, Viviana (2011) Coabitan-Ti. Terza fase. Valutazione, trasformazione e adattamenti di edifici per l’accessibilità e la sicurezza. UNSPECIFIED. SUPSI.

Chatzipanagi, Anatoli and Frontini, Francesco and Dittmann, Sebastian and Nagel, Kim and Pola, Ivano and Fanni, Lorenzo and Binder, Bruno and Stephan, Carl and Wakili, Karim (2011) Evaluation of 1 Year Monitoring Results of a Testing Stand for Building Integrated PV Elements. UNSPECIFIED. In: 26th EU PVSEC.

Colombo, Luca and Rudel, Roman and Branca, Giovanni and Tamborini, Davide and Strepparava, Davide and Ortelli, Luca and Thalmann, Philippe and Flourentzou, Flourentzos and Genre, Jean-Louis and Kaehr, Paolo (2011) Computer-based tool « PETRA » for decision-making in networks about the maintenance and renovation of a mixed building estate. UNSPECIFIED. In: CISBAT 2011 UNSPECIFIED.

Costa, Gaia and Paleari, Michele and Mobiglia, Massimo (2011) Design choices and evaluation of the microclimatic parameters of the open spaces. UNSPECIFIED. Firenze University Press. pp. 247-249.


Domine, Didier and Pravettoni, Mauro and Virtuani, Alessandro and Pavanello, Diego and Bernasocchi, Mauro and Friesen, Gabi (2011) Spectral characterization tools used at SUPSI for indoor performance measurement of single and multi-junction photovoltaic modules. UNSPECIFIED. In: Proceedings of the Twenty-Sixth European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference 26th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition, Hamburg.

Duyne Barenstein, Jennifer (2011) The home as the world: Tamil Nadu. UNSPECIFIED. In: Aquilino, Marie, (ed.) Beyond Shelter. Architecture and Human Dignity. Metropolis Book , New York .


Frontini, Francesco (2011) Daylight and Solar Control in Buildings: General Evaluation and Optimization of a New Angle Selective Glazing Facade. UNSPECIFIED. Fraunhofer Verlag, Stuttgart, Germany. ISBN 978-3-8396-0238-6

Frontini, Francesco and Pfafferot, Jens and Herkel, Sebastian and Schwrtz, Dietric (2011) Building simulation study of a residential double-row house with seasonal PCM-translucent façade. UNSPECIFIED. In: CleanTech for Sustainable Buildings: From Nano to Urban Scale.


Kuhn, Tilmann E. and Herkel, Sebastian and Frontini, Francesco and Strachan, Paul and Kokogiannakis, Georgios (2011) Solar control: A general method for modelling of solar gains through complex facades in building simulation programs. UNSPECIFIED. Energy and Buildings , 43 (1). 19 - 27.


Mende, Sandra and Frontini, Francesco and Wienold, Jan (2011) Comfort and building performance analysis of transparent building integrated silicon photovoltaic. UNSPECIFIED. In: Driving better design through simulation.


Pahud, Daniel and Belliardi, Marco (2011) Geocooling Handbook - Cooling of Buildings using Vertical Borehole Heat Exchangers. UNSPECIFIED. Project Report UNSPECIFIED

Pahud, Daniel and Belliardi, Marco (2011) Site de la caserne des Vernets à Genève. Etude du potentiel géothermique pour le chauffage du site avec un champ de sondes géothermiques. UNSPECIFIED. Project Report UNSPECIFIED

Pravettoni, Mauro and Barbato, Maurizio and Cooper, Thomas and Pedretti, Andrea and Ambrosetti, Gianluca and Steinfeld, Aldo (2011) InPhoCUS (Inflated Photovoltaic Ultralight Mirror Concentrators): first results of the project and future perspectives. UNSPECIFIED. In: Dimroth, Frank and Kurtz, Sarah and Sala, Gabriel and Bett, Andreas W., (eds.) 7th International Conference on Concentrating Photovoltaic Systems. AIP Conference Proceedings, 1407 . American Institute of Physics, pp. 154-157.

Pravettoni, Mauro and Cadruvi, Monica and Pavanello, Diego and Cooper, Thomas and Friesen, Gabi (2011) Characterization of CPV cells on a high intensity solar simulator: a detailed uncertainty analysis. UNSPECIFIED. In: Proceedings of the Thirty-seventh IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference The Thirty-seventh IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, Seattle.

Pravettoni, Mauro and Müllejans, Harald (2011) A method for the detection and quantitative estimation of low shunt resistances via the dark spectral response measurement of multi-junction PV cells: theory and results. UNSPECIFIED. In: Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC), 2011 37th IEEE The 37th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, 19-24 Jun 2011, Seattle.

Pravettoni, Mauro and Virtuani, Alessandro (2011) Impact of a finite shunt resistance on the dark spectral response of a-Si:H/μc-Si thin-film multi-junction photovoltaic devices. UNSPECIFIED. In: Yan, Baojie and Higashi, Seiichiro and Tsai, Chuang Chuang and Wang, Qi and Gleskova, Helena, (eds.) Symposium A – Amorphous and Polycrystalline Thin-Film Silicon Science and Technology. MRS Proceedings, 1321 . Materials Research Society 2011, pp. 5-8.


Skoczek, Artur and Virtuani, Alessandro and Cebecauer, Tomas and Chianese, Domenico (2011) Energy Yield Prediction of Amorphous Silicon PV Modules Using Full Time Data. UNSPECIFIED. In: 26th European PV Solar Energy Conference, Hamburg (D).


Virtuani, Alessandro and Fanni, Lorenzo and Chianese, Domenico (2011) A detailed analysis of gains and losses of a fully integrated flat roof amorphous silicon photovoltaic Solar plant. UNSPECIFIED. Solar Energy, 85 (9). pp. 2360-2373. ISSN 0038-092X

Virtuani, Alessandro and Friesen, Gabi and Chianese, Domenico and Dozio, Gian Carlo and Rigamonti, Giorgio and Pegurion, Matthias and Beljean, Pierre (2011) The MPVT (Multi-Purpose PV Module Tester) Project – A Highly Innovative and Versatile Solar Simulator. UNSPECIFIED. In: Proc.of the 26th Eu PVSEC Conference 26th Eu PVSEC Conference , 2011, Hamburg.

Virtuani, Alessandro and Pravettoni, Mauro (2011) Impact of a Finite Shunt Resistance on the Dark Spectral Response of an a-Si/µc-Si Thin-film Multi-junction Photovoltaic Device. UNSPECIFIED. In: MRS Proceedings MRS Proceedings.

Virtuani, Alessandro and Skoczek, Artur and Cebecauer, Tomas and Chianese, Domenico (2011) Energy Yield Prediction of Amorphous Silicon Modules Using Full Time Data Series of Irradiance and Temperature for Different Geographical Locations. UNSPECIFIED. In: Proc.of the 26th Eu PVSEC Conference Proc.of the 26th Eu PVSEC Conference , 2011, Hamburg.


Zanetti, Isa and Frontini, Francesco (2011) Project: Energie und Baudenkmal (EnBau) Optimization of energy interventions in buildings of historical-architectonical value. UNSPECIFIED. In: CleanTech for Sustainable Buildings: From Nano to Urban Scale.

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