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Beretta Piccoli, Matteo and D'Antona, Giuseppe and Zampella, Cristian and Barbero, Marco and Clijsen, Ron and Cescon, Corrado (2017) Test-retest reliability of muscle fiber conduction velocity and fractal dimension of surface EMG during isometric contractions. Physiological measurement. ISSN 1361-6579

Bernegger, Guenda (2017) Ästhetik der klinischen Beziehung: Eine Metapher über das Porträt / Aesthetic of the clinical relationship: the metaphor of portrait. In: Hirsch, Helen and Pace, Alessandra, (eds.) Mirror Images. Reflections in Art and Medicine / Spiegelbilder in Kunst und Medizin. Verlag für moderne Kunst, Kunstmuseum Thun, Wien, Austria, pp. 50-63.

Bertini, Laura (2017) La chute entre objectivations des ingénieurs et subjectivation des personnes âgées. Les enjeux d’une médiation. In: Geslin, Philippe, (ed.) L'anthropotechnologie. Cultures et conceptions. Interdisciplinarité autour du social dirigée par Georges Guille-Escuret, 1 . ISTE, pp. 101-121. ISBN 978-1-78405-243-0


Caiata Zufferey, Maria (2017) The abductive art of discovery. Insights from a qualitative study on asymptomatic women managing genetic risk of breast/ovarian cancer. International Journal of Qualitative Methods. (Submitted)

Crivelli, Luca and Lucchini, Mario (2017) Health and happiness: an introduction. International Review of Economics, 64 (2). pp. 105-111. ISSN 1863-4613

Cuppini, Niccolo (2017) Dissolving Bologna: tensions between citizenship and the logistics city. Citizenship Studies, 21 (4). pp. 495-507. ISSN 1362-1025


De Pietro, Carlo and Pacileo, Guglielmo and Pirazzoli, Agnese and Sartirana, Marco (2017) Le inidoneità e le limitazioni lavorative del personale SSN. Dimensioni del fenomeno e proposte. Egea, Milano. ISBN 978-88-238-4549-7


Gambardella, Eleonora (2017) L'identità narrativa di un'operatrice sociale. Edizioni Nuova Prhomos, Città di Castello (PG) Italia. ISBN 978-88-68533-37-3

Gandolfi, Alberto and De Pietro, Carlo and Francetic, Igor and Mion, Federico (2017) Dinamiche evolutive e sfide del settore sanitario e ospedaliero. Project Report (Unpublished)


Hersche Cupelli, Ruth and Weise, Andrea (2017) Fatigue Management bei Menschen mit MS bedingter Fargieu im stationären Setting in der Schweiz. In: 1. Winterthurer Ergo Gipfel, 04.02.2017, Winterthur, Switzerland. (Unpublished)

Hohenauer, Erich and Cescon, Corrado and Deliens, Tom and Clarys, Peter and Clijsen, Ron (2017) The effect of local skin cooling before a sustained, submaximal isometric contraction on fatigue and isometric quadriceps femoris performance: A randomized controlled trial. Journal of Thermal Biology.

Hohenauer, Erich and Cescon, Corrado and Deliens, Tom and Clarys, Peter and Clijsen, Ron (2017) The effect of local skin cooling before a sustained, submaximal isometric contraction on fatigue and isometric quadriceps femoris performance: a randomized controlled trial. Journal of Thermal Biology, 65. pp. 88-94.

Hohenauer, Erich and Costello, Joseph and Stoop, Rahel and Küng, Ursula and Clarys, Peter and Clijsen, Ron (2017) Different physiological responses after partial-body cryotherapy (-135°C ) and cold-water immersion (+10°C). In: 14th International Scientific Conference on Transformation Processes in Sports Performance, March - April 2017. (Unpublished)


Katapodi, M and Viassolo, V and Caiata Zufferey, Maria and Nikolaidis, C and Bührer-Landolt, R and Bürki, N and Graffeo, R and Horváth, H and Kurzeder, C and Rabaglio, M and Scharfe, M and Urech, C and Erlanger, T and Probst-Hensch, N and Heinimann, K and Heinzelmann-Schwarz, V and Pagani, Olivia and Chappuis, P (2017) Swiss Cancer Predisposition Cascade Screening Consortium regarding the use and impact of genetic testing in hereditary breast/ovarian cancer and Lynch syndromes: the CASCADE study. Journal of Medical Internet Research. (In Press)


Mustacchi, Claudio (2017) Il luogo della poesia: Indagine fenomenologica sulla poesia nell'educazione in età adulta. PhD thesis, Università degli Studi Milano Bicocca.

Mustacchi, Claudio (2017) Musées d'art et handicap de la vue : égalité des personnes handicapées dans la vie culturelle de la Suisse italienne. In: Proximité et distance dans le travail social: Une rencontre nationale pour y réfléchir, Sierre. (Unpublished)

Mustacchi, Claudio and De Angelis, Milo (2017) Scambio epistolare con Claudio Mustacchi. In: De Angelis, Milo, (ed.) La parola data: interviste 2008-2016. Mimesis, Milano, pp. 130-142. ISBN 978-88-5753-844-0


Pezzoli, Lorenzo (2017) Dialogare e collaborare in ambiti diversi venerdì. In: Tavole rotonde del Club Andromeda Perseo - Organizzazione sociopsichiatrica cantonale, 28.04.2017, Bellinzona, Centro diurno OSC. (Unpublished)

Pezzoli, Lorenzo (2017) I colori delle bugie Se il cervello si adatta alla disonesti del mentire. Il Mendrisiotto, 20 (3). p. 50.

Pezzoli, Lorenzo (2017) La presunta rassicurazione della normalità. Il Mendrisiotto, 20 (2). pp. 30-40.

Pezzoli, Lorenzo and Soldini, Emiliano and Colubriale Carone, Antonietta and Campello, Cinzia and Milani, Elisa (2017) Ricerca sulle infrazioni e sanzioni nella circolazione stradale (RISC). Dati – statistiche e società, XVII (01). pp. 61-71. ISSN 1424-9790


Ryan, Cathal and Bergin, Michael and Titze, Sylvia and Ruf, Wolfgang and Kunz, Stefan Juerg and Mazza, Riccardo and Chalder, Trudie and Windgassen, Sula and Cooney Miner, Dianne and Wells, John (2017) Managing the Process of International Collaboration in Online Course Development: A Case-Example Involving Higher Education Institutions in Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, and the United Kingdom. Journal of Innovative Higher Education, 42 (160). pp. 1-12. ISSN 0742-5627


Schneebeli, Alessandro and Del Grande, Filippo and Vincenzo, Gabriele and Cescon, Corrado and Barbero, Marco (2017) Test-retest reliability of echo intensity parameters in healthy Achilles tendons using a semi-automatic tracing procedure. Skeletal Radiology. ISSN 0364-2348

Stoop, Rahel and Clijsen, Ron and Leoni, Diego and Soldini, Emiliano and Castellini, Greta and Redaelli, Valentina and Barbero, Marco (2017) Evolution of the methodological quality of controlled clinical trials for myofascial trigger point treatments for the period 1978-2015: A systematic review. Muskuloskeletal Science and Practice (30). pp. 1-9. ISSN 2468-7812


Ureta Vaquero, Ivan (2017) Economic cycle, public discourse and variations in governing refugees in the EU. In: 11th Pan-European Conference on International Relations, 13.09.2017-16.09.2017, Barcelona, Spain. (Submitted)

Ureta Vaquero, Ivan (2017) Migration governance and security in the Euro-Mediterranean space: A communicational and discoursive analysis. In: International Migration Institute Seminar Series, Oxford Talks, 24.05.2017, University of Oxford. (Unpublished)

Ureta Vaquero, Ivan (2017) Oman at a Crossroad: Oil Crisis Management, Public Debate and the Role of the Civil Society. Journal of Oil, Gas and Law Intelligence, 15 (3). pp. 1-23. ISSN 1875 - 418X

Ureta Vaquero, Ivan and Lutterbeck, Derek (2017) Economy and trade: Are international instruments being put to their full use in durably addressing root causes of migration from Africa? In: 17th European Diplomatic Programme, IV, Malta, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 18.05.2017-20.05.2017, Malta. (Unpublished)


Willems-Cavalli, Yvonne and Cavicchioli, Andrea and Ferrara, Paolo and Bigger, Annette (2017) The Leadership Course "Leading an Empowerment Organization" at the EOC: a 7 years experience. In: Proceedings 2017 International Relationship-Based Care Symposium, 19.06.2017-23.06.2017, Minneapolis, USA. (In Press)

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